Premier League footballer ‘refused to pay for £25k veneers because he’s famous’

An unnamed Premier League footballer reportedly ‘refused to pay for £25,000 veneers’ and faced debt collectors.

The star reportedly got his teeth sorted at the Harley Street London-based dental studio where he received custom-made porcelain moulds. But it’s said that the player didn’t pay for the treatment believing it was a freebie due to his fame.

The mystery player, who has been described as having a ‘Playboy’ reputation, forced the top dentist to call in debt collectors to chase the bill and eventually, the player coughed up the money for the work.

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It’s said that court action was launched against the unnamed footballer to force him to pay the bill, which eventually forced his hand. It comes after a national debt collection agency revealed that requests to chase up dental customers who refuse to pay for their treatment has shot up by 20 per cent in recent months.

Chris Spencer, from Frontline Collections, told The Sun regarding the case: “He was a Premier League footballer but it ended up going through the court process and eventually we got him to pay. He was kind of all over the place and it was well known he was a bit of a playboy. I think he has calmed down now.”

Dental work amongst footballers has risen in recent years as more of the country’s top stars sought smiles to match their celebrity status off the pitch. Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Firmino and recently Alejandro Garnacho have all sported new pearly white smiles.

Dr Robbie Hughes, owner of Dental Excellence UK, who provided some of the dentistry work for the England squad ahead of Euro 2020, previously told The Independent: "I'm very proud and privileged to be in that position. Most of these guys could probably go anywhere in the world for dentistry and they choose to come and see myself."

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