Fans in disbelief at Barnsley's 'ridiculous' 91st minute vs Wycombe

‘WHAT is the keeper thinking?!’: Fans are left in disbelief at Barnsley’s ‘ridiculous’ 91st minute winner against Wycombe… and then the visitors have a player SENT OFF for complaining!

  • Barnsley looked to be heading for a 0-0 draw against Wycombe on Tuesday night
  • That was until Wycombe’s goalkeeper had a late moment of madness at Oakwell
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Football fans could not believe their eyes with how Barnsley’s League One match against Wycombe Wanderers ended.  

The match at Oakwell looked to be heading for a stalemate when it exploded into life in second half stoppage time.  

Wycombe goalkeeper Max Stryjek was booked for time-wasting by the referee and after the official runs away the keeper is left with the ball at his feet.

He is quickly closed down by Barnsley striker Sam Cosgrove who goes to nick the ball, only for Stryjek to pick it up, get knocked over and spill the ball.

Cosgrove rounds the goalkeeper and taps into the net, much to the confusion of fans.  

Barnsley striker Sam Cosgrove chased down Wycombe’s goalkeeper late in Tuesday’s game

The goalkeeper wanted a foul when they collided but he dropped the ball and it broke free

Cosgrove incredibly found himself able to tap in the winning goal to a stunned Oakwell crowd

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‘GOAL to Barnsley. I can’t even…’ Wycombe’s official X account posted.

Fans were left equally perplexed by the bizarre sequence, which handed Barnsley three points. 

‘Barnsley’s 91st minute winner against Wycombe tonight was wild,’ one wrote.

‘Just when you think you’ve seen it all on a football pitch.’

Another added: ‘Barnsley’s 91st minute winner against Wycombe – I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS’

A third said: ‘Barnsley have just scored this goal against Wycombe to win in the last minute…

‘If this happens in Football Manager, my laptop is going out of the window.’

Wycombe’s 91st minute moment of madness had fans – and their own account – flabbergasted

A fourth said: ‘How angry would you be as a Wycombe fan if you’d made the 6 hour round trip to Barnsley lose the game in the 91st minute like that… You have to feel for them!’

Wycombe’s players were furious with the goal and with emotions running high, midfielder Harry Boyes was sent off for his protests following two quick yellow cards. 

The whole sequence began when the referee awarded Wycombe possession back with a drop ball.

From there Stryjek, who was trying to eat some more time, dallied before he went down under minimal contact from an onrushing Cosgrove and with no foul given he tapped in to score.


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