Cole Palmer correctly predicts the direction of Matt Ritchie's penalty

Cole Palmer correctly predicts the direction of Matt Ritchie’s penalty as Chelsea goalkeeper Djordje Petrovic trusts his team-mate’s advice to make crucial save in Carabao Cup win

  • The Chelsea star told his team-mate what direction to dive in the shootout
  • Cole Palmer has been hailed by Blues supporters over his penalty advice
  • Roy Keane is right! Virgil van Dijk is disrespectful. We all thought Man United would get pasted so Erik ten Hag was RIGHT to set up like that – It’s All Kicking Off

Cole Palmer has been hailed by Chelsea supporters for telling goalkeeper Djordje Petrovic where Newcastle’s Matt Ritchie was going to hit his penalty in Wednesday’s Carabao Cup quarter-final clash.

The Blues advanced to the League Cup semi-final following a 4-3 penalty shootout victory that resulted in Ritchie missing his crucial spot-kick at Stamford Bridge.

Petrovic dived to his left to stop the Magpies midfielder from 12-yards and a video has now shown Palmer giving advice to his goalkeeper as Ritchie waited to strike.

The England international made the brave decision to leave Manchester City for Chelsea in the summer after winning the Treble last season.

He has since starred for the Blues and become an integral part of Pochettino’s set-up despite the Argentinian boss struggling to correct Chelsea’s inconsistencies this season. 

Cole Palmer has been hailed by Chelsea supporters for his penalty shootout advice against Newcastle on Tuesday

Chelsea advanced to the Carabao Cup semi-finals as Djordje Petrovic saved Matt Ritchie’s penalty

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Palmer was again influential against Newcastle as Chelsea eliminated last season’s Carabao Cup finalists and scored the first of his side’s penalties in the shootout.

However, perhaps his most important intervention came when he pointed to the direction that Ritchie was going to send his penalty.

Fortunately, Petrovic trusted his team-mate’s intuition and made a strong save to win the shootout and send Chelsea to the final four.

Palmer tells Petrovic what direction Ritchie is going to hit his penalty in during the shootout

Palmer was hailed for his intervention by Chelsea supporters celebrating their side’s progression in the Carabao Cup that is their most realistic chance of silverware this season.

One Chelsea fan stated online: ‘Manchester city lost a gem. Perhaps, a compensation for De Bruyne. He’s so confident.’


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Another hilariously added: ‘Maybe he did that to others but was wrong the other times.’

A third Chelsea supporter commented: ‘He knew that’s the position most lefties will play it .. elite mentality’. 

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