Adam Azim says Amir Khan is 'like a big brother' ahead of title fight

Adam Azim describes Amir Khan as a ‘big brother’ and reveals advice he has received from his childhood hero… as he tells The Hook he wants to be world champion in 2024

  • Adam Azim is aiming to become a European and world champion in the next year
  • He tells Mail Sport that Amir Khan is guiding him as a ‘big brother’ figure
  • Khan takes us behind the scenes before a major fight: Hear it on The Hook 

Adam Azim revealed how he has become ‘really good friends’ with childhood hero Amir Khan, as he spoke on Mail Sport’s boxing podcast, The Hook. 

The 21-year-old is one of boxing’s rising stars and faces Franck Petitjean on November 18, for a shot at the EBU European Super Lightweight title. 

In will be just his tenth fight and with a 100 per cent win record in his career so far, he spoke about his ambition to become world champion next year.  

If he defeats Petitjean, he will beat Spencer Oliver’s record of becoming European champion in 11 fights – the current record for the lowest number of bouts needed to earn that accolade. 

He hopes to emulate Khan’s achievement of being a world champion at 22 and, beyond that, could gun to match Khan’s success of being a unified champion by the age of 24.  

Adam Azim wants to be world champion next year and is drawing on Amir Khan for support 

Khan has become a friend and mentor to Azim, having been a world champion at a young age

On comparisons to his hero, he said: ‘It’s brilliant because he was the only British-Pakistani boxer to become world champion. He’s a massive name and he’s a legend for England. It’s an honour. 

‘I want to become world champion. I want to become world champion in 2024. I’m putting everything into this fight and next year’s fight as well. 

‘He’s like a big brother to me. I went to most of his fights when I was young. I used to be in the front row watching it with my dad and now we’ve become really good friends, more like family friends now.

‘He’s always told me to stay focused, stay switched on, take the fights at the right time. If you have another fight, don’t get carried away. He came to the changing room and told me stick to your jab, keep winning the fights. There’s no need to rush and get the knockout – the knockout will come.’

Azim speaks with the calm confidence befitting of an elite athlete without coming across as arrogant. 

At the heart of his conversation with The Hook is a recognition of where he has come from and a desire to pay back to those who have helped him.  

Franck Petitjean stands in the way of Azim claiming his first European crowd in a record ten professional fights

Azim is a rising star in the boxing world, having won all nine of his professional fights to date 

His fight against Petitjean will test his credentials but Azim has an air of confidence about him

He added: ‘I thank my dad for giving me those hours at the back of the garage. I wouldn’t be here because of him.

‘Every single fight is a learning fight for me. If I can get the knockout then that’s brilliant.

‘I want to win the European title, that’s the main thing, and then hopefully do a defence. Then hopefully get a big name in Slough. Hopefully go back to my home town and get a main event there so everyone can come out. Get a washed-up name or something and knock him out! That’d be good!’

He admits that he would take the opportunity to fight in Saudi Arabia with ‘both hands’ and also delves into his struggles at school with ADHD, but to hear more of Azim’s insightful interview, you’ll have to head over to The Hook and give the episode a listen.  

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