Stefanos Tsitsipas claims he’s ‘losing his mind’ in bizarre coronavirus video

Stefanos Tsitsipas says he is ‘losing his mind’ while being stuck in self-isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The tennis season has been suspended until June due to the global outbreak which has claimed the lives of nearly 25,000 people.

Without any tennis to play, Tsitsipas can invest time in one of his hobbies – vlogging.

But in his latest video, the Greek star appeared to be struggling with the constraints placed on him as he veered between multiple subjects including worries about gain weight and being distracted by social media.

Tsitsipas was last in action at the Dubai Championships when he lost in the final to world No 1.

The 2019 ATP Finals champion also shared his thoughts being stuck indoors and admitted to being stressed when he’s with his family.

“This is what happens to you when you’re in quarantine for so long, you just lose your mind at some point. You just start talking to objects,” he said.

“If you were wondering why I am not with my family. We got in a light argument a few days ago and I just left.

“I still love them, I am really looking forward to seeing them again but sometimes it is quite stressful being there. So I just decided to leave and be on my own.”


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Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic has announced he and his wife Jelena will donate €1million (£887,000) through his foundation to buy ventilators and medical equipment to help in the battle against the coronavirus.

“The fight is not easy, numbers are not pleasant, but I am convinced that we will manage to make it out of this stronger than before,” Djokovic told Serbian media in a video conference.

“It is important to remain united in this fight, to help each other, so we can defeat this virus faster and easier.

“We would like to use this opportunity to invite everyone else to join us and help numerous families and people who need help to survive and get healthy again.

“We will keep bringing people together, who are calling me every day, and who want to join in.

“Not everyone can help, many are hit hard by this situation, but fortunately, there are many people and companies who can help.

“We will open a special account for this emergency situation like we did the last time when we were hit by the floods.

“[The] Novak Djokovic Foundation team is working like a well-oiled machine and we are ready to help.”

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