Cameron Green catch angers India fans after Shubman Gill wicket

Indian cricket fans chant ‘cheat, cheat, cheat’ as Shubman Gill is dismissed in controversial fashion with many claiming Cameron Green’s stunning catch hit the ground first

  • Cameron Green’s stunning catch divided cricket supporters 
  • The all-rounder’s grab dismissed Shubman Gill at the Oval 
  • But some fans claimed that the ball was grounded before being caught 

Indian cricket fans are up in arms after Shubman Gill lost his wicket in controversial fashion on Saturday.

Gill and Rohit Sharma made a fast start to the second innings as India chased a mammoth target of 444 runs set by Australia in the World Test Championship final at the Oval.

Gill scored 18 off 19 balls before edging a Scott Boland delivery towards Cameron Green, who leapt to his left to catch the ball.

The big all-rounder and his teammates wildly celebrated what they thought was a stunning catch but Gill stood his ground as the on-field umpires sent the incident upstairs for further review.

After extensive looks at the replays, which showed that the ball may have touched the ground, the third umpire deemed that Green got all of his hand on the ball and it did not touch the turf, sending Gill packing.

Cameron Green’s stunning catch divided cricket supporters on Saturday

The big all-rounder reacted quickly after Shubman Gill edged a Scott Boland delivery

Gill walks off the pitch after Green’s catch was deemed legitimate, although some claimed that it hit the ground first

Loud boos rang out around the Oval as the large swathes of India fans disagreed with the decision, with Mail Sport’s Lawrence Booth reporting that some of the crowd were heard shouting: ‘Cheat, cheat, cheat’.

India cricket legend Dinesk Karthik felt his side were hard done by with the decision.

‘On first instinct on the replay I genuinely felt it was not out,’ he said on Sky Sports. ‘If you really think two fingers were underneath the ball I refuse to believe it. But you’ve got to go with umpire’s call.’

Matthew Hayden insisted that the genuine reaction of the Australian fielders gives a good indication that it was a fair catch.

‘You have a look at the way those fielders reacted, there was no doubt,’ Hayden said.

‘ It was a huge moment in this Test match, but looking at those fielders, every one of them to the man was so excited. 

‘Cameron Green when he threw the ball up, knew that he caught it.’

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