Tubes still yet to be told by Sky Sports if he’s staying on after Soccer AM ends

Tubes says he has no idea if he'll be staying on at Sky Sports ahead of Soccer AM's last ever episode this weekend.

The 41-year-old, whose real name is Peter Dale, has been part of the show for the best part of 20 years, firstly as Peter the Test Tube Baby and later just as Tubes.

He endeared himself to the nation with his wincingly-awkward deadpan interviews in his iconic 'one question and one question only' segment before morphing into the down to earth mic man we know and love today, but even his cult hero reputation hasn't stopped Sky from leaving him in the dark about his future.

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"I don't know what's going to happen, [whether] I stay at Sky. I've got meetings with people coming up," he revealed on the Tubes & Ange Golf Life podcast.

When asked what he'd miss most about the show, Tubes replied: "The buzz. When you've done a live show and you've come off and you're like, 'yeah, that was amazing.'

"The Saturday morning buzz, it's like when a footballer talks about matchday. If you're watching it live you see the audience buzzing and if the show's really good everyone's in fine form, like getting involved laughing and joking, and then when the show's done you're like, 'oh wow.' I'm going to miss that."

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He added: "It's a really, really good television programme and it's very sad that it'll be no longer … it'll be a big change in my life."

Sky announced they'd be axing Soccer AM back in March after nearly 30 years on the air. Tubes is one of show's longest servants having worked there since 1998, firstly as a runner when he was still at college and then as an assistant producer.

In 2001 he was chucked in front of the cameras as Peter the Test Tube Baby, a nappy-wearing, beer-swigging, cigarette-flicking man-baby, before eventually morphing into Tubes – football's funniest and most charmingly-cringey interviewer – in 2005.

The gimmick was eventually dropped in 2015, allowing the man behind the mop to be himself on camera for the very first time, and to no one's surprise, he became more popular than ever.

A few months later he launched the Tubes & Ange Golf Life podcast with his brother Andy.


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