Sky Sports viewers fume as not one 2pm kick-off is shown on TV

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Premier League fans were outraged after discovering that none of the three 2pm kick-offs on Sunday were being televised.

Viewers were denied the chance to watch Manchester United against Crystal Palace, Brentford's trip to Leeds United and Tottenham Hotspur vs Norwich City this afternoon, sparking a wave of complaints on social media.

Sky Sports' decision to broadcast QPR vs Stoke City instead didn't exactly help matters, while BT Sport is showing the women's FA Cup final between Chelsea and Arsenal.

"Good to see Sky Sports subscribers are getting their money's worth," one Twitter user wrote sarcastically.

"Literally such a weird decision by Sky Sports. 3 live games at 2pm and none of them are being shown?? Madness," wrote another.

Another said: "QPR and Stoke on Sky over any Prem 2pm kick off … What am I paying all this money for every month?"

"Amazon Prime have sat Sky Sports down with their coverage this week vs Sky not having any of the 2pm kick-offs today! I know who I'm picking next," another tweeted.

Despite the confusion, Leicester City's trip to Villa Park at 4.30pm is being televised on Sky Sports, as is Everton's tie against Arsenal on Monday night.

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United interim boss Ralf Rangnick takes charge of the team for the very first time, having watched his side's 3-2 win over Arsenal from the stands on Thursday.

Meanwhile Antonio Conte is looking to pick up his third successive league win since becoming Spurs boss to keep his side creeping back towards a Champions League spot.

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