Roy Keane took part in dance off to leave onlookers and teammates speechless

It seems Roy Keane hasn’t always been able to maintain his hardman image.

The former Manchester United midfielder established himself as one of football’s toughest figures during his playing days and developed a reputation for his dogged displays.

Keane has since gone on to become one of the game’s most revered pundits, famed for his quick-wit, brutal honesty and ferocious outbursts – mainly directed towards United.

The Irishman isn’t considered to be the most sociable of former players and recently clashed with an angry fan outside of Old Trafford following United’s derby defeat to Manchester City.

However, the 50-year-old hasn’t always held up his hardman image and one anecdote has revealed how the former captain of the Red Devils once showed his softer side.

According to former Irish teammate Clinton Morrison, Keane once took part in a dance off, much to the shock of his fellow players and onlookers.

Morrison, 42, revealed how he found himself together with Keane and Stephen Elliot on a rare night out when the incident took place.

"He was approachable for me, but for other people, probably not,” the former Crystal Palace and Birmingham City striker said.

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"But I took it upon myself to make sure that I was approachable to him. We had that relationship where I could go and speak to him, he wasn't like that with everyone else.

"We went out – we didn't usually go out – but we did one night for a bit. These lads come up and think that they can test me on the dance floor, these young boys.

"Stephen Elliott was up there cutting shapes on the dance floor and I was standing with Roy.

"Roy's like, 'Clint, should I go and take him out?' I just brought on the old-school MC Hammer on the top and they were just flying across.

"We were on some stage – me and Roy standing back-to-back – and everyone in the club was watching and I just brought him [Keane] on. I won, but he had a good time! He had a good go on Stephen Elliott!"

Asked if Keane was prone to throwing shapes of his own on the dancefloor, Morrison swiftly replied: "No, no. Are you mad?!

"He'd stand there while everyone was asking for autographs and he'd be like, 'No, no! I am here with my teammates, don't put your hand on my head, leave me alone.'"

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