Richard Keys claims Sian Massey taught him word ‘banter’ after sexism sacking

Richard Keys has claimed that he was taught the word banter by Sian Massey after he was sacked from Sky Sports for making sexist comments.

Keys took to his blog to write about the success of the Lionesses, who won Euro 2022 on Sunday. And Keys launched into an anecdote about how he was sacked from Sky Sports after a clip emerged of his comments about official Massey.

He wrote: "It was Sian that introduced me to the word ‘banter’. She used it in the conversation I had with her on the Sunday when I called to apologise for what was said in the hack.

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"But she shouldn’t have done. What she should have told me was ‘not funny Richard. It doesn’t help’. It was some time before I realised that.

"Ironically, I think the incident did help in many ways – but that was a lucky by-product. I think a lot of people look back on it now as a turning point in how seriously men were prepared to take women’s football.

"Most of us have realised things had to change."

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Keys had titled the piece 'Lionesses – you’ve changed everything' – and he congratulated Robyn Cowen for her commentary at the showpiece.

He concluded: "The women’s game has changed dramatically down the years. A decade has made a massive difference. Imagine what 10 more years will do."


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