Premier League to hold coronavirus talks over consequences if season ends early

Premier League officials are yet to determine the potential consequences of the season ending early due to coronavirus fears.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus is threatening to impact the domestic football season, with concerns it could lead to matches being cancelled.

Italy are at the centre of the European outbreak, and their rugby union side has already seen all of their remaining Six Nations fixtures postponed.

Should the situation in the UK worsen, the Premier League may be forced to take similar action to avoid the virus spreading further.

The Liverpool Echo report the Premier League currently have no contingency plan in place for that eventuality, but talks are ongoing.

If such action is required, it is believed a multitude of options would be considered to decide how the campaign would be concluded.

Discussions have been merely hypothetical at present, though the Premier League board are monitoring the situation closely.

There is no rule in the division handbook regarding a premature end to the season.

This will concern league leaders Liverpool ,who have reportedly been given 'no guarantees' they would be handed the trophy.

Liverpool are chasing down their first title in 30 years, and are 22 points clear in the table – just four wins away from securing the crown.

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