Liverpool fans react to NASA asteroid warning as killer rock could end human civilisation

NASA has confirmed an asteroid capable of brutalising the entire planet could reach Earth by April – but Liverpool believe even that will not stop them winning the Premier League title.

A gigantic 2.5mile wide asteroid will approach Earth next month, according to the Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) in California, US.

If the rock remains on the same path without being intercepted it could potentially end the human race.

But Liverpool fans have joked off the warning and insist their players will be able to deal with the problem – just like they have with the majority of their Premier League rivals.

One supporter tweeted: “Van Dijk will head that out.”

And another added: “Allisson will save it.”

A third fan thinks much more drastic action should be taken.

He wrote: “Once the League is done, we can shoot Virg into space to stop it.”

Liverpool are 22 points clear at the top of the table and will guarantee their first top-flight trophy in 30 years by winning their next four games.

Ironically, that fourth match could be against the defending champions Manchester City on April 4 – subject to the Reds’ run in the FA Cup.

The asteroid will not come ‘close’ to earth until April 29 so some Liverpool fans joked their side has plenty of time in hand.


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“Well that’s [Jurgen] Klopp’s team talks sorted for another month,” one supporter tweeted. “Just pin that article up in the dressing room.”

Fortunately for Reds fans – and the rest of the world – astronomers estimate such objects have a one in 50,000 chance of hitting Earth every 100 years.

Even if the asteroid was to hit Earth fans of other clubs have been advised not to celebrate prematurely.

“It’s ok – Video Asteroid Referee will rule it out,” one hilarious person tweeted.

The asteroid is the latest in a string a fears which has been suggested to derail Liverpool’s title challenge.

A worldwide coronavirus outbreak is much more likely to affect the Merseysiders and the Premier League have drawn up plans to play games behind closed doors if the government puts a blanket ban of mass-attended events.

But Liverpool supporters are not worried about any of that as their side look untouchable at the top of the table.

“World War 3, Coronavirus and now an asteroid, yet rival fans have the nerve to see this years league isn’t competitive smh,” one person tweeted.

While another added: “Nothing can stop us. First it was Trump’s attack on Iran, then came coronavirus outbreak and now asteroid, what else.. come on.”

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