Klich copies Wayne Rooney's 'knockout' Manchester United celebration

Mateusz Klich copies Wayne Rooney’s infamous ‘knockout’ celebration after appearing to get KO’D boxing in his HOUSE in Manchester United days – as DC United win 3-0 against LA Galaxy

  • DC United recorded an empathic 3-0 win over LA Galaxy on Saturday night
  • Mateusz Klich mimicked an iconic Wayne Rooney celebration after his goal
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After delivering the knockout blow to LA Galaxy, Mateusz Klich copied an iconic boxing celebration of his coach, Wayne Rooney, after helping DC United to a 3-0 MLS victory on Saturday night.

Former Leeds midfielder Klich converted from close range for his team’s third goal after an awful mistake by Galaxy goalkeeper Jonathan Bond, who had spilled a cross out into his own six-yard box.

As the midfielder ran over to the corner to celebrate, he jokingly started shadow boxing before falling slowly backwards as if he had been knocked out – directly mimicking Rooney’s celebration after a goal for Manchester United in the 2014-15 season.

But Rooney’s celebration actually came against a more serious backdrop that season, as video had surfaced before the game of him appearing to get knocked out while boxing with a teammate in his own home.

Video of Rooney and former United defender Phil Bardsley emerged with their gloves on, playfully boxing until Rooney takes a hit and falls backwards, appearing to be knocked out.

Mateusz Klich mimicked Wayne Rooney’s ‘knockout’ celebration on Saturday night 

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The person filming the video is even heard calling out in concern as Rooney falls back and appears unresponsive.

Rooney later claimed he was joking in the video and was actually fine, telling United’s official website: ‘After I went down, the video stops but I wasn’t knocked out. We got up and carried on. 

‘I remember when we finished and the two of us sat there. My nose had gone and Bardo had blooding pouring out of his mouth. We were both looking at each other, saying: “what are we doing?” But Bardo (Bardsley) is the same. 

‘He has brought up in Manchester the same way I have in Liverpool. We both love boxing.

‘I remember when it was coming out, I remember going in to see [Louis] van Gaal. He was the manager at the time. 

‘I said, ‘listen, this story is coming out about me and Phil Bardsley boxing in the house’ and he found it hilarious!

‘Growing up, I remember my dad used to give us the gloves in the house. It is something I have always loved doing. 

‘The night with Bardo, we got home and we put the gloves on. It is something that we do quite regularly – but that one got out.’ 

Rooney’s goal in 2014-15 mimicked the uproar at a video of him boxing at home 

Klich’s strike Saturday night rounded off a 3-0 victory against Los Angeles Galaxy 

It doesn’t seem that Rooney was asked on Saturday night about Klich’s celebration but given DC won 3-0, he’ll likely have seen the funny side.

United, who finished last in the Eastern Conference last season, are now sixth in the standings with Saturday’s win – taking 19 points from 14 games.

Next week, Rooney and his team face bottom club Toronto with a chance to climb higher up in the standings.

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