Jamie Carragher warned teammates "don’t say anything stupid" to Liverpool rival

Sometimes footballers cannot resist the temptation to poke fun at their rivals.

There are often occasions during pre and post-match interviews and press conferences, where the bad blood, frustration, or even smugness overspill to the delight of the media and supporters alike.

Just like a boxing promotion, it can add greater fire and excitement, turning an ordinary Premier League or Champions League fixture into a main event worthy of a PPV.

However, former Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur star Peter Crouch claimed his former team mate Jamie Carragher went out of his way to instruct players to avoid doing exactly this.

The former striker explained Carragher’s concerns about winding up the opposition before Jurgen Klopp’s side’s fiery 2-0 win at home to Atletico Madrid.

"I remember Jamie Carragher always going round the lads saying don’t say anything stupid to wind them up," Crouch told BT Sport.

“You go to interviews and try and say as little as possible whilst talking.

“It’s a difficult skill, similar to what we’re doing now! But, it adds so much to the game I think.”

Crouch made 135 appearances for the Reds, scoring 42 goals and contributing 19 assists over the course of a three-season spell at Anfield.

However, former England colleague and arch-rival Rio Ferdinand confirmed Carragher’s concerns were justified, as the former Manchester United star claimed the squad used to feed off the opposition’s comments.

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"Our squad did, you sensed it [the tension between managers],” said Ferdinand.

“Rafa Benitez was one of them – remember when he came to the press conference with a bit of paper.

“All the squad was talking about it, ‘can’t wait to play them now’.

“The manager had some spats with Arsene Wenger and when the game’s approaching it’s a pantomime isn’t it.”

Ferdinand was referring to Benitez's now infamous 'fact' press conference, where he listed off several incidents concerning Sir Alex Ferguson, before his then Liverpool side took on United in 2009.

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