IFAB agree to introduction of concussion trials

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has agreed to introduce trials for concussion substitutes.

At their annual general meeting in Belfast, the IFAB decided that more research is required before introducing concussion subs into the laws of the game but the trials could take place as soon as this summer at the Olympics.

An IFAB statement read: “The International Football Association Board… agreed to draw up protocols to be used in trials for substitutions in cases of concussion.

“The IFAB also agreed that more research data is required before proposing possible changes to the Laws of the Game.

“FIFA indicated a strong interest in having trials at the Men’s and Women’s Olympic Games football tournament in July 2020, with other competitions also being able to take part in the trials.”

The IFAB has also hinted a possible review of the offside law after much controversy over tight offside calls going against the attacking side with the use of video assistant referees.

“The AGM agreed to consultation with all the relevant stakeholders, including The IFAB Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) and the Football Advisory Panel (FAP), to review the offside Law to foster the spirit of attacking play,” the statement added.

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