Fergusons furious rant at Steve Bruce after catching him carrying case of beer

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Steve Bruce was once carpeted by Sir Alex Ferguson for carrying a case of beer across the road.

Arguably the best centre-back never to win an England cap, Bruce revealed: “Alex was a fierce disciplinarian and he ruled us all with an iron fist, but that’s what made him a great manager, believe me.

“Around Christmas time one year, his assistant Archie Knox came up to me and said Alex wanted to see me, what had I been up to?

“I went to see him. The door of his office was open and I could hear him coughing, which usually was a prelude to a b**ing.

“So I went in and he said, 'What were you up to yesterday afternoon?'

"'It’s been reported to me that you were carrying beer across f***ing Wilmslow High Street from a f***ing off-licence.

"'Carrying beer across a zebra crossing in full view of everyone. You’re a Manchester United player. Now f***ing don’t do it again and get out!'

“I told him that I hadn’t drunk any of it, and it was bought for the family. 'I don’t give a f, now f*** off,' was his reply.

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“It was his high standards – a Manchester United player could not be seen carrying cases of beer and he certainly told me so.

"I wondered who had actually seen me and told him. A little while later I discovered it was Alex himself. He lives in Wilmslow and had spotted me. He went mad.”

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