Fans on social media react to City's breaches of financial rules

‘The Aguero moment might end up meaning nothing!’: Man United and Liverpool supporters claim their clubs should be awarded additional league titles after Man City were charged with breaching financial rules

  • Users on social media have reacted to news of Man City’s financial foul-play 
  • The Premier League champions were found to have breached financial rules 
  • Pep Guardiola’s title-challenging side could face a potential points deduction

Fans online have claimed that Manchester United and Liverpool should be awarded additional Premier League titles after Manchester City were charged with breaching financial rules.

The Premier League on Monday charged City with breaching financial rules more than 100 times in the space of nine seasons.

The charges relate to financial information regarding revenue, details of manager and player remuneration, UEFA regulations, profitability and sustainability and co-operation with Premier League investigations.

Should Man City be found guilty, they face a range of potential sanctions – including a points deduction and expulsion – and it’s led to some hilarious suggestions from fans on social media.

After discovering the news, users were quick to claim that their respective team – either Liverpool or Man United – should be gifted the Premier League title in years where they finished second to Guardiola’s side.

Manchester City have been charged by the Premier League over breaches of financial rules

It’s led to suggestions that City should have certain Premier League title revoked for foul play

One Liverpool fan wrote: ‘If found guilty there should be retrospective points deductions. We only have 1 title instead of 3 because we were competing with a law breaking institution’.

‘Give the premier league title to the 2nd placed team in 13/14 18/19 and 21/22 as punishments’, another fan from Merseyside wrote.

‘This Monday just became a whole load more interesting,’ one Liverpool fan said as they waited on further developments on the story. 

One user simply Tweeted an edited image from Steven Gerrard’s infamous slip in 2013-14 which helped gift City the title that year. In the new picture, it suggests City are the ones slipping up and handing Liverpool the title for the season. 

‘Give Manchester United & Jose Mourinho the 17/18 Premier League title, another claimed. ‘We won a legal Prem with the Special One’, one said in similar fashion.

’11/12 title and 17/18 title, BRING THEM TO ME’, one demanded. United were pipped to the 2011-12 title by City in a dramatic final day of the season, where Sergio Aguero scored an iconic last-minute winner.

Users quickly caught on to the idea that the history moment may, essentially, be ruled out, as they wrote: ‘The Aguero moment might end up meaning nothing…’ 

‘Aguero moment don’t even matter if they give united that PL…’ another pointed out. 

Users on Twitter were quick to suggest City should be further sanctioned for breaching rules

Some claimed that Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal in 2012 would mean ‘nothing’

One user suggested similarities between City’s breach of financial rules and Juventus’, which resulted in the latter having a significant point deduction.

‘A fine is pointless give them a huge points deduction or relegation just like the Italians did to juventus. And also a points deduction for next season. It took 10 years but finally they’ve been caught and hopefully Chelsea are next. #cheats’, they wrote.

Juventus had been in a strong league position but after a ruling by an Italian court, they were issued a 15-point deduction and currently sit 13th in the table.

The football court also ruled that former Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli be banned from holding office in Italian football for 24 months.

It also decided on a 30-month ban for Juventus’s former sports director, Fabio Paratici, now managing director of football at Premier League club Tottenham.

One user said that the Premier League champions should face similar punishments to Juventus

Pep Guardiola’s side could be facing a possible expulsion from the English top-flight 

In regards to City’s breach of financial rules, a statement from the league said the alleged breaches were committed from September 2009 to to the 2017-18 season and will now be referred to an independent commission.

It adds that the club is alleged to have breached league rules requiring provision ‘in utmost good faith’ of ‘accurate financial information that gives a true and fair view of the club’s financial position’.

The Premier League said in a statement: ‘In accordance with Premier League Rule W.82.1, the Premier League confirms that it has today referred a number of alleged breaches of the Premier League Rules by Manchester City Football Club to a Commission.’

City have vehemently denied any breaches of financial rules but the investigation started in December 2018 after German investigative website Der Spiegel published documents from the Football Leaks cache which originated from the Portuguese computer hacker Rui Pinto.

It alleged that City had: overstated sponsorship income, with money being paid by the club’s Abu Dhabi owners instead of sponsors linked to the Gulf state; effectively doubled former manager Roberto Mancini’s wages via a secret contact with an Abu Dhabi club and broke rules over approaches to young players. 

A statement from the league said the alleged breaches were from 2009 to the 2017-18 season

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