Ex-Tottenham ace Mido incredibly messed up Soccer AM Crossbar Challenge twice

Mido has come out to explain that the reason his two attempts on Soccer AM’s Crossbar Challenge were so bad was that he was trying to get his driver on TV.

The former Tottenham striker made some iconic attempts at the challenge, with his strikes veering almost to the corner flag on each occasion.

But there was a reason his shots for Middlesbrough and Wigan were so terrible, claims the 39-year-old.

Speaking to Football Daily, he said: “I had my driver with me. He’s from the northeast. His name is Jungle. And both times [I did the challenge], this guy’s dream was to appear on TV. So I got him to stand on the line and I kicked the ball at him.

“And he got on TV, especially at the Wigan one. And he was like so happy and everyone was calling him because he caught the ball. People say to me on Twitter, ‘were you having a laugh?’. It’s easy to see it was a joke. How can a Premier League player shoot like that?

Mido made up more than 200 club appearances during a 14-year career as a forward, featuring for the likes of Ajax, Roma, Marseille, Tottenham, Middlesbrough, Wigan, West Ham and Barnsley.

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The former Egypt international spoke candidly about how he ballooned in weight following his retirement from football in 2013.

“I was 150kg and I reached a point where I couldn’t walk 30 yards,” Mido told The Guardian. “If I did, I started to feel pain in my back, my joints and my knees. I remember I was getting off my boat in Egypt five months ago – this day is the turning point in my life – and I was walking off on to an island. I had three friends with me and it was 300 yards to the end of the island.

"The sand was a bit heavy and it was a bit sunny and I said to them: ‘I cannot walk.’ I had to sit for 30 minutes. I was only 34. That was the moment the switch flicked.

“Two days later I saw the doctor. He asked me to do blood tests. When I had the results and the doctor started to talk to me, I knew I had to change.

"He told me that my cholesterol is 320 and that the top of the average is 200. He said I was on the edge of being diabetic.

"And, to be honest, the doctor told me that if I continue with my lifestyle, there is a more than an 80% chance that I’ll die before I am 40. He told me: ‘You will die.’”

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