David Beckham ‘shut book in disgust’ after Jagielka asked question

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England icon David Beckham once ‘shut his book in disgust’ when asked a question by defender Phil Jagielka while on international duty, according to Gabby Agbonlahor. Former striker Agbonlahor has recounted the incident to highlight the divide that once existed in the Three Lions camp. 

Members of the England ‘golden generation’ have often talked about being held back by club loyalties when playing for their country. The likes of John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney would rarely socialise outside of their club team-mates. 

Jagielka once attempted to break the divide by asking Beckham, who was then on loan at AC Milan, about the Milan derby in Serie A. But Agbonlahor alleges that the midfielder was ‘disgusted’ at being spoken to. 

The ex-Aston Villa star said: “David Beckham, he used to sit in the middle and didn’t speak to anyone. He would have his diary in the middle, just keeping himself to himself. 

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“He had his own diary that he would be writing in during lunch. I remember Phil Jagielka asking him a question about the Milan derby and he literally closed his book in disgust like, ‘are you really asking me this? I’m trying to be on my own.

“He didn’t want to talk to anyone. I was looking at Phil Jagielka like, ‘you’re brave, you, asking that question.’” 

Former players have recalled that England camps would often be separated between their club teams. Clubs from mid-table Premier League clubs such as Villa, Middlesbrough and West Ham felt discouraged from speak to stars from Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. 

Gesturing to indicate a separation of players from different teams, Agbonlahor continued to talkSPORT: You had your Manchester United players, your Chelsea players, then Liverpool. Then your Middlesbrough, West Ham, Villa [all together].  

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“We knew our place, the mid-table teams on the end of a table in the canteen. We would never sit on the left side of the table. You had Rooney, Beckham, Rio, Terry, Ashley Cole, Michael Carrick. You knew you couldn’t sit there. 

“I just didn’t like it. You knew where you sat on the coach, do you know what I mean? I sat right at the front.”

The story about Beckham comes amid criticism of the former Man Utd and Real Madrid man taking a reported £10million fee to be an official ambassador for the Qatar World Cup. Qatar has been criticised for its poor record on human rights, including its treatment of the LGBTQ+ community, women and migrant workers. 

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