Brighton boss Graham Potter shows class by sleeping rough for homeless charity

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Some managers use the international break to go on holiday, whilst others use it to detox from the football, but Brighton manager Graham Potter decided to use the time to raise awareness of homelessness.

Since arriving on the south coast in 2019, Potter has impressed with how he has taken to the Premier League.

The former Swansea City boss has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure for some rival fans with his high-pressing, attacking tactics with rotating formations drawing the eye.

But off the pitch, the 46-year-old has also been in the headline for his work with local Brighton-based charities.

On Friday night, the Englishman and his assistant manager, Billy Reid, and first-team coach, Bruno Saltor, spent the night sleeping rough to raise funds for a local charity.

Potter spoke of his evening spent on the streets, saying: “We had an easy version of sleeping rough, but it still gave us an insight into the challenges the homeless community face on a daily and nightly basis.

"Having experienced just one night out on the street, I cannot imagine what it would be like suffering in this way with no idea of what the future holds, or where the next meal might be coming from.”

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The charity, Off the Fence, are working to decrease the homelessness rates in Hove and ensure that those who are living on the streets are kept safe over the winter.

Potter continued: “There is a ridiculous stigma attached (to being homeless). These are some of the most vulnerable members of our society, and they need our help and support.

“Many are suffering from illness, poor health and it is heart breaking in 2021 that we still see people living on our streets.

"There are some amazing charities across the UK, and here in Brighton & Hove, who do some amazing work.

"It's getting tougher for those organisations, and as we move into the depths of winter when the nights will get colder, with temperatures going sub-zero, I would urge those of you who can, to give them your support this winter."

The money raised from the evening spent on the streets, named ‘The Big Sleep Out’, provides necessities for those living on the streets which are available to be picked up at its centre, as well as emotional support for those who are struggling with their way of life.

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