Allan Saint-Maximin compared to sex toys in Twitter thread – and he’s responded

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Newcastle star Allan Saint-Maximin has built up a rapport with fans on Twitter for his hilarious interactions, but he's surprised even his most loyal followers with a response to a bizarre thread.

The Frenchman was referenced in a strange thread that compared him to vibrators, with the adult toys changing depending on his attire and appearance on the football pitch. The thread picked up a lot of traction, and fans were stunned as well as entertained by just how random the idea was.

But now Saint-Maximin has shared the post to his Twitter followers directly, as he said: "Entertainment guaranteed on and off the pitch."

And fans have found the whole situation rather hilarious, although no one is denying just how bizarre the whole scenario is.

One fan replied saying: "Allan mate, what is this?" And another confused follower added: "You can’t be serious, how are you casually tweeting that?"

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It may be bizarre, strange, and much more, but in a time where fans feel disconnected from players on social media, at least Saint-Maximin is doing his bit. Lots of players have been called out for being run by management companies, as some accounts are represented rather than being authentic.

Saint-Maximin certainly enjoys being active on his own page, there's no denying that. Even in his bio, the Frenchman refers to himself as the 'king of football Twitter'.

The Newcastle star continues to be energetic online, but he's also rather influential on the pitch, and will be a key part of their rebuild under the new ownership. Newcastle are expected to spend big again this summer, but Saint-Maximin's place is likely to be safe.

He's been adored by fans ever since he arrived at the club back in 2019, and it seems as though he is appreciated by most supporters online. And Newcastle clearly have a lot of faith in him, as he was handed a six-year deal upon arrival.

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