What a $182 view looks like at the rugby

A Welsh rugby fan has been given a refund on a $182 ticket after she complained about her shocking view for Wales’ game against France in the Six Nations.

Jane Petterson vented her fury on Twitter at the restricted view she had at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday.

“When you go to a theatre you get an advisory note that (your) seat has a restricted view. Principality Stadium and the Welsh Rugby Union had no such scruples in taking $182 from me for this view. As a lifelong rugby follower I expected to actually see the match,” Petterson tweeted.

Ms Petterson – who describes herself as a “rugby mum and Wales fanatic” in her Twitter bio – was in for a major surprise when she arrived at the stadium, completely unaware she would have anything other than a normal view of the pitch.

Having paid close to £100 for her ticket she was “flabbergasted” to find an “enormous metal wall” blocking a substantial portion of the playing area.

Fellow rugby fans voiced their dismay and support for Ms Petterson on social media.

One supporter replied: “An absolute disgrace … Daylight robbery!”

Another added: “Wow I wouldn’t be happy, I didn’t know those kind of seats existed! I go to several games a year and never been allocated seats there!”

Many felt that the unfortunate spectator should receive some form of compensation. One fan said: “That’s awful Jane. Didn’t think there was a seat in the stadium like that. Certainly should be warned and discounted.”

The view from Jane Petterson’s seat.Source:Twitter

To make matters worse, Wales lost 27-23 to Six Nations table-toppers France as Les Bleus won in Cardiff for the first time in ten years.

But there was a silver lining through the power of social media. Petterson revealed the Welsh Rugby Union contacted her after her post went viral and offered her a partial refund.

“Wow, completely mindblown at the power of twitter! Welsh Rugby Union called today,” she said. “Said there’d been a ‘pricing error’ with my seat and they refunded me $100! Have suggested that they show the actual seat view and charge less for that seat in future. Cheers for all the support.”

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