Red Bull boss Christian Horner getting ‘fed up’ as clear message sent to F1 boss

Horner opens up on Red Bull's 'barren spell' amid Mercedes dominance

Red Bull boss Christian Horner is “fed up” with F1 as he calls out the sport’s bosses. The team principal stressed that 24 races on the calendar were an “incredible amount” for squads to cover in one season.

Horner is not the first to complain about the current schedule with Max Verstappen also raising his distaste. Horner said: “You get to a point where you wonder where you’re going to end up clipping, and 24 is an incredible amount of races and mileage we have to cover in a season.

“It can be complicated and you get fed up.” F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has previously claimed the sport could expand to 30 races with current demand high.

The series had provisionally scheduled for 24 events this season but two have now been called off. The Chinese Grand Prix was cancelled ahead of the season while the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was called off just days before it was due to take place after heavy floods.

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Although bosses are looking into rescheduling the race in Imola, it is possible that it won’t be run. Instead, the promoter has suggested that the race could be run in 2026. The venue is currently only contracted with F1 until 2025 but could sign an extension just to host a rescheduled event.

Verstappen has previously suggested the high number of races could encourage him to walk away from the sport. He made the remarks when asked to weigh in on F1’s new sprint race format which debuted at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Verstappen explained: “I love racing in general but sometimes I do feel like that you don’t need to really touch anything.

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“I always thought that the Sunday was great. Of course I understand selling more tickets on a Friday and Saturday to make every day worth fighting for but when you do eventually like 24, 25 race weekends, I think a good option would anyway be to shorten the weekend a bit.

“Because some people love racing and they will do it forever but it also needs to be healthy as well. At one point you start questioning that as well and then if you also add in sprint weekends it makes it all in all even more busy.”

At the end of last season, the Dutchman opened up that driving in F1 was “a lot of travelling”. He then stressed he may consider sacrificing time in the sport to spend more time with his family.

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