Lewis Hamilton causes panic in pit lane as sign flies off Mercedes car

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Lewis Hamilton caused a bit of panic as he exited the garage for the Dutch Grand Prix when Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz noticed a sign flying off the Mercedes car in the pit lane. The drivers were all leaving the garage to take their positions on the grid with Max Verstappen getting a huge cheer from the Dutch crowd.

Hamilton was just behind him in the pit lane before Kravitz shouted on commentary that something had been left on the Mercedes car. Cameras quickly panned back to Hamilton down the pit exit with a sign seen flailing in the air off the top of his W13.

The sign soon flew off Hamilton’s car, landing on the road with Kravitz noting that every car behind him was driving over it. “Oh no!” Kravitz said on Sky Sports.

“They’ve left a little thing on the top of Lewis Hamilton’s car, which has just flown off. Mercedes had left a little thing where it says ‘fuel in petronas’ on the top of his camera on the top of his car and it’s just flown off.

“That’s lucky that it didn’t fly off… look it’s being hit by every car as they go down the pit lane. That’s a little bit messy from Mercedes. They should have seen that. I spotted it, they should have seen it.”

It didn’t appear to cause any issues for the cars driving behind Hamilton though as every car got to the grid without any issues. Hamilton and George Russell have shown vast improvements from last week in Spa and were in the battle for pole on Saturday.

Max Verstappen had stolen pole from Charles Leclerc in the dying seconds of Q3 with Sergio Perez, Russell and Hamilton still to cross the line for their final lap. But the two Mercedes cars had to step off the gas from their hot lap after Perez crashed out at the final corner.

Hamilton had been quicker than both Verstappen and Leclerc in the first two sectors and Toto Wolff said the Brit was on course to take his first pole of the season. “It’s very frustrating,” Wolff said.

“We were a tenth up on Verstappen and Leclerc, so Lewis was on for pole. We were ahead. Obviously it’s not the case at the end.

“I think he [Perez] pushed it a lot and lost it. It’s not his fault. You lose the pole because of a yellow flag or you lose the pole because of a few hundredths by running first. It’s always afterwards that you know better.”

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