Lando Norris names driver who didnt make me look good as he reflects on second F1 year

Lando Norris opens up on mental health struggles in F1 career

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Lando Norris has revealed his former McLaren teammate Carlos Sainz didn’t make him ‘look good’ as he reflects on his second year in Formula One.

Norris is tipped to be one of F1’s next big stars, after ending his second campaign for McLaren sixth in the driver standings.

And following a solid year on the track, the Englishman had plenty of praise for ex-teammate – and the man who finished one place above him in the standings – Sainz.

Norris’ maiden campaign in 2020 he raced alongside the Spaniard, before Sainz made the move over to Ferrari for the 2021 season.

Sainz’s fifth-placed finish was his best in Formula One to date, and the 27-year-old’s form seemed to have overshadowed the work of Norris, according to the Englishman himself.

The McLaren man said: “I think my second year was good. Carlos, I believe, is one of the best drivers in Formula 1. 

“It also didn’t make me look as good, because he’s an extremely good driver, and he did a very good job – like, fair play to him.

“I think I got shadowed a bit by him, because he was doing an exceptional job. 

“I think this year I’ve taken that next step which would have been the same or maybe a bit better than him.”

Following Sainz’s departure from McLaren, Norris was joined by F1 star Daniel Ricciardo for the 2021 campaign and the Englishman compared the difference of working with the Australian compared to his ex-teammate.

He added: “I always had the motivation to want to beat Carlos. At the same time, with Daniel, I didn’t feel nervous in any way when he came.

“A lot of people thought maybe I did, or asked the question, because he’s a multiple race winner he’s got podiums.”

 As a result the Englishman went on to add that unlike Ricciardo, Sainz’s talents have been left unknown due to the Spaniard driving somewhat less superior cars to those of the Aussie racer.

Norris continued: “Everyone knows what Daniel is capable of because he’s been in a car that’s won races. 

“Whereas with Carlos, no one knew as much what he was capable of, because he’s been in a Toro Rosso, a Renault and a McLaren.

“More and more people are actually realising what he is actually capable of, and the kind of driver he is when he’s gone up against Charles [Leclerc] and beaten up him quite often.”

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