Fuming Fernando Alonso tears into ‘incompetent’ FIA after Miami GP controversy

Fernando Alonso is a ‘winning’ driver says Lewis Hamilton

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Fernando Alonso has blasted the ‘incompetent’ FIA following the Miami Grand Prix. The Spaniard finished ninth at the inaugural race at the International Autodrome circuit, but was handed a five-second time penalty post-race after he was suspected of cutting the chicane in order to gain an advantage.

Therefore he fell to 11th, despite claims from Alpine that the two-time world champion lifted along the back straight to effectively relinquish the time he gained by cutting the track. Ahead of Sunday’s next race in Spain, the 40-year-old spoke about his punishment in the States and was very blunt in his assessment of the stewards.“They were not very professional, I think, in Miami,” Alonso fumed.

“I missed one corner and then I gave back the time on the lap, but obviously you miss one corner, then there is the sector time just after that corner – so they saw the pink colour [on the timing screen] and they took the decision without asking for any proof. We arrived after the race with all the proof and the time back that we gave, and they were just packing up. They were not even in the room.

“We came there, we showed them all the data, they said give us five minutes and then they found themselves with the hands tied probably because they issued already the penalty and they didn’t know how to get back from that document. It was very bad, and honestly, I mean… yeah, it’s already the past but it is something that should not happen in Formula 1, with professionalism and standards Formula 1 has right now.”

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Other incidents have occured this season, such as the collision between Carlos Sainz and Estban Ocon in Miami. The Ferrari driver said he has been fighting to recover from a sore neck sustained in the accident. Alonso referred to the incident and claimed those in charge should have put more measures to reduce the risk of a collision taking place.

“I don’t think that knowledge is in place at the moment,” the Alpine driver continued. “I know there is a new Race Director here. I think [Eduardo] Freitas has a lot more experience with WEC and other categories at the top level, and I think that will already improve things.

“The accidents we had in Miami, Carlos [Sainz] and Esteban [Ocon], I think we pushed to have some barriers there and tyres or Tecpro and, you know… no one did anything. When you don’t have that knowledge of racing it’s difficult to talk.” In response to Alonso’s scathing claims, McLaren racer Lando Norris thinks there may be at least some truth to it.


“Fernando’s a guy you would listen to in terms of the experience he has in racing,” the Brit said. “If he says what he says, he’s probably got a bit of a point at least.”

Looking ahead to the Spanish GP on Sunday, Alonso explained what team Alpine need to do moving forward. “We just need to keep improving that we are the only ones driving the cars and experiencing the crashes and when we feel something is needed, we should be listened to,” he said. “In Miami and some other examples we didn’t have that because it seems the focus is in another place.”

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