Re-drafting the 2021 NFL class: We made new picks for the first two rounds

As far as pro football goes, it makes for a fun, interesting and revealing what if. What if teams were able to draft armed with the knowledge of how the season turned out for each rookie? The shifts would be seismic, no?

We have again had our NFL Nation reporters re-draft the first two rounds — all 64 picks — of the 2021 NFL draft under those circumstances. We asked them to explain their reasoning, especially in the instances when they went away from what the teams they cover had done.

What’s tricky about this re-draft is the quarterbacks, none of whom really blossomed save for perhaps Mac Jones. Five were taken in the first round in 2021, including the first three picks. Will that remain the case because of their perceived ceilings?

We’re starting with a clean slate — the order that follows is from when the draft began on April 29, 2021. That means no trades allowed, with teams picking in their original spots going into the start of Round 1.

We’ll begin with the Jacksonville Jaguars and work our way down to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at No. 64:


1. Jacksonville Jaguars

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