NFL players react on Twitter to new CBA passing

It was announced Sunday morning that NFL players, by an ultra-close voting margin of 1,019 to 959, passed the new collective bargaining agreement, which will run through the 2030 season.

Though the voting has concluded, players still let their sentiments be known via social media.

Here are NFL players’ reactions to the new CBA:

Well done De

The democratic process has played itself out. We must be committed to unifying our current and former members. While I don’t agree with the decision because of its negative impacts on some current and former players, I do respect our process and will push forward accordingly.

Couldn’t have worded this one better ����

Around 500 players didn’t even vote on the new CBA smh

Can’t believe we agreed to that lol. We can only play this game for so long and y’all didn’t want everything we could get out of it? Smfh. 2030 y’all do better

Man I’m so hot bruh‼️��

So weak fam, dudes wanna vote outta fear. It really show where dudes head at

So did the owners win?

Yes a lot to a little

4 massages a week during the season going to have to boost that up to 6. ����‍♂️

BREAKING NEWS: The #cba vote is officially out. Here what the players voted and here’s why it matters:

How do you not vote?!! It amazes me how people yearn for change but can’t take 1 minute to vote on your future. Wow!!!

�� it time to start load management ��

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