Madden 21 The Yard locations: Rules, how to unlock & more

Now that Madden 21 is out, many gamers will want to try out The Yard, a new arcade-style game mode in Madden.

The Yard is an interesting addition to Madden which allows you to play an NFL Street style of game. While it’s not quite as crazy as NFL Street was, you can do things in The Yard such as multiple passes, snap the ball to any position and play on both sides of the ball. 

When you first open up The Yard, you’ll notice two locations right away: Lambeau Tailgate and F.O.B. Nico. There are four locations in total, though. The hidden locations are Miami Port and Brandenburg Festival. We’ll explain why those are hidden later.

Madden 21 The Yard Locations

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  • ​How to unlock
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Madden 21 has four locations in The Yard at launch. Although EA Sports has promised more locations in the future.

From EA Sports:

Each one of these locations has unique challenges that you can take on. For instance, at F.O.B. Nico you will take on single drive drills with changing field position, or in Miami you will face first-and-goal situations. These locations may also change the duration of the Pass Rush Timer. In the future, who knows what rules we will come up with for future locations. … Over the course of the Madden season, we will be launching new Prototypes for you to level up, new locations for you to challenge, and new Legends, Icons, and NFL stars to join your team.

Let’s get into each of the locations in The Yard.

Lambeau Tailgate

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Lambeau Tailgate is pretty straightforward. This location is located right outside of Lambeau Field. In this location, you’ll be playing against the best of the Packers players. On your team will be your prototype player along with NFL stars from the Packers’ rivals. Players from the Bears, Vikings and Cowboys will fill out the user’s roster.

Lambeau Tailgate events

Lambeau Tailgate rules

F.O.B. Nico

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F.O.B. Nico stands for Forward Operating Base. According to EA Sports, its location is classified. This location is essentially made to represent a military base where people in the Armed Forces can take some time off and play football. This location has two simple events where you can basically learn how to play offense or defense.

F.O.B. Nico events

F.O.B. Nico rules

Miami Port

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Miami Port is a location that won’t be available to you at the very beginning. This is the first of two unlockable locations. The big difference with this location is the rule change. Instead of being able to put together some drives on offense, you’re simply left with a 1st and Goal situation. If you can’t get a touchdown in four plays, then you better be good on defense.

How to unlock Miami Port in The Yard in Madden 21

EA Sports has not released anything that says explicitly how to unlock Miami Port. The running theory is that you need to complete the events in Lambeau Tailgate and F.O.B. Nico. Each event will provide you with a minimum score needed, and you simply need to cross that threshold. Doing so is fairly simple as the event rules make it nearly impossible to not cross the minimum score needed. Once you’ve done that, Miami Port should be unlocked.

Miami Port events

Miami Port rules

Brandenburg Festival

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This location is located in Berlin, Germany and features the Brandenburg Gate. This is one of the tougher locations to play in as it features the best players. The events make you face the top six NFC teams, top six AFC teams and six teams composed of the best NFL players. There’s also a major rule change where you can’t rush the passer for three seconds, a huge difference from the 1-second pass rush rule in the other locations.

How to unlock Brandenburg Festival in The Yard in Madden 21

EA Sports has not released anything that explains how to unlock Brandenburg Festival. However, a Reddit user claims you need to score a touchdown in Squad Up Defense, which is available in F.O.B. Nico. This is difficult to do as this event only gives you one drive on defense each time you try it, and scoring a touchdown on defense is tough to do no matter which game mode you’re playing in.

Brandenburg Festival events

Brandenburg Festival rules

Future locations in The Yard

As we mentioned before, Madden 21 only has four locations in The Yard at launch. However, EA Sports plans to release more locations in the future, and we’ll keep you updated when they do.

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