Deshaun Watson loved his 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' mention

Dehsaun Watson’s review of HBO’s latest ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ episode is pretty, pretty, pretty good.

That’s because series creator Larry David worked the Texans quarterback (and his Jets fandom) into a joke that Watson and his team reportedly "loved."

Here’s the premise: David spoke to a friend’s emotional widow (Jane Krakowski) at the friend’s funeral. The widow confided that her late husband once woke up screaming something she couldn’t quite understand. David understood all too well.

Deshaun Watson told me today that he and his team watched last Sunday’s Curb Your Enthusiasm taking the @nyjets to task for passing on him in 2017. "Everyone loved it, too."

The laughs didn’t end there for Watson and Co. Later in the episode, David’s dermatologist learned about the death and called it a "catastrophe."

David’s retort: "I know. Last year started with such promise, then [Sam] Darnold gets mono. Season’s over by Game 3."

It sounds like David would’ve rather had Watson behind center. He would also have settled for reigning MVP Lamar Jackson, another passer he publicly stumped for in 2018.

Larry David called the Jets before the draft and told then-GM Mike Maccagnan to take Lamar Jackson and he got laughed at. LAUGHED AT.

The Jets took star safety Jamal Adams six picks ahead of Watson, then took Darnold over Jackson the following year.

He hasn’t gotten over either pick, apparently. Cue up some sad piano music for the man.

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