Aaron Rodgers confirms he wants to leave Packers for New York Jets

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Aaron Rodgers has finally admitted that he does want to play in the NFL next season, and he wants it to be with the New York Jets. The two teams have been in talks for a number of weeks, as they are yet to agree on compensation for a move for the superstar quarterback.

Rodgers’ midnset was yet to be established though, and he even admitted that just a few weeks ago he was 90% sure that he would retire.

However, after spending time on a darkness retreat in south Oregon, Rodgers said he felt that the Packers wanted to move on from him and start his back-up Jordan Love.

Rodgers had time to decide what he wanted to do, and met with the Jets last week where a productive meeting was held, as the quarterback then took time to make up his mind… which he has now done.

Speaking on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers said: “The Packers decided to let the Jets talk to me about a deal and we had a nice conversation.

“I told them I am not ready to make a decision about anything and that I needed to see if that drive is still there… if my body is still there. And I have now made that decision.

“I made it clear I wanted to play and play for the New York Jets. The Packers want to move on, they have made that clear in so many words”.

Rodgers reportedly asked the Jets to sign certain players, including Allen Lazard, who the Jets have since signed. 

However, the 39-year-old has rubbished those claims, stating he did no such thing and responded to those reporters by saying: “If you have my number, lose it”.

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