WWE superstar Seth Rollins makes Goldberg joke after Super ShowDown title change

Seth Rollins has weighed-in on Goldberg's surprise victory over "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt at WWE Super ShowDown on Thursday.

The WWE Hall of Famer produced an upset to claim the title of Universal Champion for the second time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

After a number of early spears, Goldberg sealed the victory with a Jackhammer to strip The Fiend of his title.

Rollins had been among a number of WWE stars to fall victim to Wyatt's dominant run and lost the Universal Championship to the 32-year-old during the WWE Crown Jewel event in October.

Despite his best efforts and, Rollins was among those unable to stop the The Fiend before being defeated and joked that he should have followed Goldberg's lead.

"If only I had pulled out the Jackhammer…" the Monday Night Messiah tweeted on Friday after watching his former conqueror lose his crown.

Rollins enjoyed success of his own at the Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia.

In one of the most anticipated matches, the 33-year-old and Murphy defended the Raw tag titles against the popular Street Profits.

And Rollins said afterwards that the victory sent a strong message to their other Raw rivals.

Nodding to their belts, he told WWE : "These are a symbol of progress and a symbol of us making headway when it comes to my vision of Monday Night Raw and the people's vision.

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