UFC star Ian Garry reveals six-fight plan ahead of Rodriguez bout

EXCLUSIVE: UFC star Ian Garry reveals six-fight plan that will lead to welterweight glory and explains his hopes of fighting on the ‘biggest card of the year’… as Irish fighter prepares for a bout with Daniel Rodriguez

  • UFC star Ian Garry is preparing for his fifth fight in the welterweight division
  • The Irishman will look to extend his unbeaten record against Daniel Rodriguez 
  • Ahead of Saturday night’s fight, Garry spoke exclusively with Mail Sport 

It’s only been ten weeks since UFC star Ian Garry last stepped foot inside the octagon but the Irishman is already preparing to lace up his gloves for another huge bout. 

Garry will take on American welterweight Daniel Rodriguez at this weekend’s UFC Fight Night event, as he looks to extend his unbeaten record in the organisation. 

His win over Song Kenan in March was his fourth since joining the UFC and helped boost his reputation in the division further, after an elite display of striking secured him a TKO victory. 

He had to overcome some adversity in that bout, however, after being knocked to the ground following an encounter in the first round. 

Reflecting on that fight, and looking ahead to this weekend, the 25-year-old sees it as the perfect showcase for his abilities inside the octagon. 

Irish UFC star Ian Garry is looking to extend his unbeaten run in the organisation on Saturday

Garry will face welterweight rival Daniel Rodriguez (left) at this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 

Speaking exclusively to Mail Sport, Garry said: ‘I thought I was sensational. I thought that the story-line of the fight was phenomenal. The little bit of adversity shown to myself was important. 

‘To get better from that point, to go pick up the pace, and show the shot selection. I think the striking display I put on, the finesse that I possessed in that octagon, the flow that I entered, was sensational.’

Garry will be well aware that the challenge ahead of him this weekend will be far greater than that he faced against Song Kenan, with Rodriguez being a ranked welterweight contender.

With wins over the likes of Kevin Lee, Mike Perry and Li Jingliang, Rodriguez has faced some of the rosters toughest fighters the UFC has to offer. Despite this, Garry suggests that anyone who favours his opponent this weekend is ‘deluded’. 

‘I don’t see anyway, shape, form or scenario where that guy can beat me. Firstly he’s a striker. So, if he thinks he’s going to come out here and beat me on the feet, he’s deluded. 

‘He’s definitely not going to be able to out wrestle me and he’s definitely not going going to be able to out grapple me. So he’s forced into one box. A box where I am even more elite than anyone he’s ever faced, himself included.’

The former Cage Warriors welterweight champion has made a habit of staying active in his fighting career and has had 11 professional MMA bouts since 2019, winning them all. 

Keeping up that momentum is something he’d claims like to achieve, however also admitted that he’s coming to a difficult schedule in the fight calendar.

The 25-year-old has won all four of his previous bouts since joining the UFC in 2019

Rodriguez boasts seven wins from his nine welterweight fights since joining the UFC  

‘I’ve always said that a successful year, to me, is three fights in a year. This is going to be two fights in ten weeks. That’s active,’ Garry explained.

‘What I want is to be active. But what I think is the right thing is to hold off for one or two cards. We’ve got the biggest card of the year coming up, potentially, in Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler. 

‘If that fight does materialise, I am going to wait and hold off for that fight and make sure that the opponent is going to be worth the wait. 

‘If that doesn’t happen, for some reason, then I want to sit down with Dana White and with my team to talk about when it is logistically possible to get the UFC back to the Emerald Isle. To get us back to Dublin. 

‘My fans, my fellow countrymen, deserve to have us back. We’re owed a card in Ireland. COVID made us not have one and now I’m on a run to be ranked and be one of the top contenders in the division. It makes so much sense to put me in there.’

As Garry says, he’s on the path to becoming one of the top contenders in the welterweight division however there are a lot of formidable opponents in his way.

Conor McGregor (left) and Michael Chandler (right) will likely fight at some point this year, although the bout is yet to be confirmed and a date yet to be finalised 

However, to combat this, Garry has devised his own strategy and path that will help guide him to a UFC welterweight title shot. 

‘Here’s my plan,’ Garry explained. ‘I want six fights against top 15 opponents. I never want anyone to doubt my success in my career or say that I’ve not earned something.’ 

‘I want there to be no question marks when I earn my title shot. For me, I believe that’s two guys between 15-10 (in the rankings), two guys between 10-5, two guys between 5-1. 

‘That’s six guys before I even have a title shot. Danny Rodriguez is that first fight of the six and I look forward to this journey.’

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