Tyson Fury chases after fan to give him pep talk over mental health problems

When Tyson Fury returned to the ring two years ago, he did so determined to spread the message about positive mental health.

Having endured a three-year drink and drug-fuelled battle with depression following his win over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, Fury wanted to prove anything was possible.

And his win over Deontay Wilder last month to become heavyweight champion for a second time proved him right.

But Fury has long claimed he is more interested in helping other people rather than himself – and new footage from his ITV documentary shows this in action.

Fury is enjoying a day out with his children between fights when he is approached by a fan, Colby, asking for a photograph.

After obliging, Fury is left to contemplate the meeting.

"I tell you something now, that lad is here from Milton Keynes, probably his parents have split up; one lives down there, one lives up here," he says.

"So I would say, just by speaking to him for two seconds, that he suffers from mental health problems of some sort.

"Which brings me to speak to him…"

Fury chases after Colby who is preparing to leave on his bike, and says: "Now from speaking to you for two seconds I thought that kid might be struggling with mental health problems of some sort."

Colby replies: "I went through a stage when I was depressed, it was hard for me growing up, my mum was a single parent."

Fury adds: "My parents split up and all that c***, whatever, it's not easy.

"My advice would be, if boxing is what you're into it, get into that and put some good energy into it."

After saying their goodbyes, Fury says to the camera: ""That humbled me, this journey is bigger than boxing because i get the opportunity to do stuff like that and help people who are suffering.

"Maybe that conversation can help; to have an opportunity to help people and do good for the good, that's what drives me now."

Fury completed his remarkable turnaround by stopping Wilder in the seventh round in Las Vegas.

The rivals will now fight for a third time, likely to be back in Sin City on July 18.

Tyson Fury: The Gyspy King will be shown on ITV1 tonight at 9pm

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