Ronda Rousey branded "a joke" and sell-out" after switch from UFC to WWE

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Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey has been criticised for her wrestling switch, with current bantamweight champion Julianna Pena labelling her a “joke”.

Rousey was a legendary figure during her time with UFC, after she became the first female fighter to sign with the sporting body in November 2012. However, after consecutive losses the star retired from the sport in 2016 and subsequently joined WWE.

Since stepping away from UFC, Rousey has responded to frequent speculation linking her with a return to the sport, admitting in a YouTube video that it is “no longer a priority” in her life.

Pena has since taken up the American’s mantle, and holds the bantamweight title after defeating rival Amanda Nunes in a shock upset. And, having visited a Wrestlemania event recently, Pena called out the UFC icon while speaking on an episode of the MMA Hour.

Pena began by denying that she has any dispute with Rousey, but went on to describe the ex-UFC fighter as “old news”.

“What’s incredible about her is that she opened up the door and was destroying people in ten seconds, and became a star because she was demolishing people in the first round,” she admitted.

“But she got knocked out in the first round twice and never came back, so how legit is she? She had to go to pro wrestling… As a fighter and somebody who’s competitive, I know that deep down it’s something that probably truly bothers her.”

As a result, Pena suggested that should her old rival ever decide to re-enter the world of MMA, she would welcome her back “with open arms”. However, the fighter claimed that such a move would be unlikely.

“She’s kind of a joke in the MMA world now, because she’s a little bit of a sell-out there. I guess I understand, pro wrestling, it’s fake you get paid millions of dollars, but for me, for the real s**t, to be the real deal, I would say that’s in the UFC,” she added.

This comes as Rousey was forced to deny reports that she had stormed out of a WWE event amid suggestions that she was unimpressed with the position of her match on the night’s card.

Taking to Twitter, the star suggested that she had not been a hall of fame match as she had been putting her six month old baby to sleep.

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