Ngannou winds up to punch a man in the GROIN in new Jackass trailer

Francis Ngannou winds up to punch a man in the GROIN in trailer for new Jackass film with UFC heavyweight champion admitting stunt was ‘craziest thing I’ve ever done’

  • Francis Ngannou defends his heavyweight title against Ciryl Gane this month
  • Fearsome power puncher is one of the most heavy-hitting fighters in history 
  • He was recruited by Jackass to punch one of their team in the groin for film 
  • Trailer showed Ngannou warming up and cut out just before the blow landed 

The idea of Francis Ngannou delivering his most powerful punch to the groin is enough to send shivers down the spine of any man. 

But that is exactly what the UFC heavyweight champion did for his cameo in the new Jackass movie. 

The famous pranksters are returning with ‘Jackass Forever’, the latest edition in the franchise in which Ngannou, 35, takes centre stage. 

Francis Ngannou admitted the stunt was one of the craziest things he has ever done 

Ehren McGhehey was the victim on the day and was told it would be a lightweight 

Fans will have to see the film to witness the destruction Ngannou ended up causing 

In the short clip shared online, Johnny Knoxville says: ‘Francis hits harder than any heavyweight in MMA. I told Ehren (McGhehey) it was a lightweight.’

Ngannou is then seen strutting around a corner, shirtless when he comes into the view of his victim, who exclaims: ‘That’s not a lightweight, what are you guys talking about!’

And the video cuts out just before the Cameroon native swings his killer blow. 

Ngannou found it difficult to muster all of his power initially and admitted: ‘That’s the craziest thing that I’ve ever done. Man, I had to punch somebody in the nuts, I did it the first time, [they’re like] ‘Listen man, we know you. People know that you’re the hardest puncher in the world. It wasn’t hard enough.’

‘I was like ‘Are you kidding me? Like, I’m nervous. I don’t know, I could hurt this guy, did he at least have kids or something already?’ 

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping summed up most viewers’ thoughts on his Believe You Me podcast. 

He said: ‘This is ludicrous. This is crazy. They’re going to let Francis Ngannou punch them in the balls as hard as he can…(That’s like) a Toyota Prius going at a healthy pace. 

‘Your Uber driver takes his eye off the road for a split second and where does he hit you? Right in the balls. Listen, I don’t know man. How much money would they have to pay you for Francis Ngannou to punch you in the balls as hard as he can? 

‘There’s no way! There’s no amount of money! That would explode a testicle!

‘Francis Ngannou will pop your balls. They will explode like a balloon. If he punches you with bare knuckles to the testicles, it’s a bad day at the office. Simple as that.’

The Cameroon native is back in action later this month against Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 

Ngannou’s reputation as a deadly puncher is well founded and he has taken the UFC by storm since making his debut in 2015. 

A total of 12 of his 16 professional wins have come via knockout and his opponents know does not even need to land with all his power to find a finish. 

His uppercut of Alistair Overeem stands out in the memory as one of his more savage closing shots, while former champion Stipe Miocic was dethroned by him last year. 

Next up for Ngannou is a clash with former team-mate Gane and the pair will lock horns on January 22 at UFC 270. 

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