Khan vs Brook happening 5 years too late – but box office appeal still there

Better late than never or better never than late?

That’s the question which has been buzzing about boxing all week.

Of course it is about Amir Khan, 34, and Kell Brook, 35, finally fighting each other on February 19.

The fact it has still been the talk of the town in the sport over the last few days proves there is still enough interest in it to make it a financial success.

But will it be a good fight? Who knows but it will be a very different one now both are in the latter stages of their careers.

It would have been a huge fight between two elite welterweights which would have catapulted the winner alongside the top in the division if it happened in 2016.

Back then it would have packed Old Trafford or Wembley Stadium and done over 1m buys on pay-per-view.

Now? It will still sell out Manchester Arena and clear 500,000 on box office.

It will create more than enough money to top up the pension pots of two fighters who have done well out of the sport that’s for sure.

It was first seriously considered around 2012 when the pair clashed on Sky Sports’ Ringside show.

But they were on different paths at the time and in different divisions.

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It was 2016 when it was close. Many were to blame for it not. Promoters, the fighters, their families and broadcasters.

British boxing lost out as both men opted to take on impossible challenges against middleweights Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin.

Big pay days but foolish moves considering the damage done. Neither have been the same since.

That meant even if they met in 2018 when Khan joined Brook at Matchroom Sport it would not have been the same fight.

But here we are three years later and it will happen. It will just be very different.

Yet still very intriguing.

No longer is hand speed going to be the difference, but power will decide it. Whose shot resistance has waned the most?

It could be fun, but let’s hope it is the final appearance for the winner and the loser.

Then we can say better than never. Just about.

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