Giant 6.7ft strongman wont fight Conor McGregor as it wont look good for him

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A former World's Strongest Man has said he wouldn’t fight UFC legend Conor McGregor – because he doesn't think it would "look good" for him.

Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson has starred in Game of Thrones and is currently preparing for a boxing fight with rival strongman Eddie Hall after the first scheduled date in September 2021 was postponed.

McGregor has also been busy training, attempting to recover from a grisly leg injury he suffered in a loss to Dustin Poirier.

Despite their vast differences in size – Thor stands at 6’7" while Mcgregor is approximately 5’7" – the two have been pictured sparring together in the past.

But, asked on the Anything Goes podcast whether he would ever professionally fight someone of that weight class, Thor replied: “No. It’s silly, it wouldn’t look good for me. I wouldn’t do that.”

And, despite transitioning from weight lifting to boxing, Thor also ruled out the possibility of entering the worlds of wrestling or cage fighting in the near future.

“There’s been a lot of offers throughout the years, but I wouldn’t do UFC, to be honest. I’ll stick to boxing,” he continued.

The strongman did however explain how his relationship with the controversial UFC fighter came about when he realised that the pair had a mutual friend.

He remembered: “I was filming in Belfast city, and he obviously is from Dublin, was training for one of his biggest fights.

“I sent him a message saying: ‘Hey I’m in Belfast city, can I come hang out?’

“So I went and watched a session. He took some pictures, we chilled, went and did a little bit of grappling. And afterwards we did some sauna, it was a good time.”

Despite not wanting to fight someone below his weight class, Thor has been working to reduce his size, and recently revealed a major body transformation ahead of his bout with Eddie Hall.

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