Floyd Mayweather ordered Jake Paul to be assassinated claims YouTube star

Floyd Mayweather ordered for Jake Paul to be assassinated earlier this year, the YouTuber turned boxer has claimed.

Paul and Mayweather were involved in a heated confrontation at a pre-fight press conference for the former world champion's exhibition bout with Logan Paul in June.

Mayweather had his hat stolen by Paul, who said "got ya hat" as he ran off, with a brawl ensuing backstage at the event afterwards.

Paul then went on to mock Mayweather on social media, sell merchandise with the "got ya hat" phrase emblazoned upon it and even getting the phrase tattooed on his calf afterwards.

Mayweather was incensed by Paul, with the 24-year-old claiming that the retired fighter wanted to "kill" him due to the stunt.

Speaking on the FULL SEND podcast in September, Paul said: “He was trying to get me killed behind the scenes, for sure.

“He was calling, like, ‘the gangsters,’ because we were in Miami at the time. He was, like, calling the ‘street people,’ ’cause my security is tapped into the street people.

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“They were like, ‘Yo, you guys gotta be f**king careful. He’s trying to do something.

“So, whatever the f**k that meant, or means… I was like, ‘Alright, if this is how I die, this is how I die.’”

No winner was declared when Mayweather fought the older Paul brother in Miami in June, with the eight round bout rounding off a card that also included Badou Jack.

Jake Paul is now preparing to face Tyson Fury's younger brother Tommy in Tampa, Florida on December 18, with the pair putting their unbeaten records on the line.

The duo have continuously traded insults on social media and in press conferences ahead of their highly-anticipated meeting next month.

During Wednesday's UK press conference, Paul was called a "cat weasel" by John Fury and a "w***er" by world heavyweight champion Fury.

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