Fans think Tyson Fury would ‘obliterate’ Francis Ngannou despite UFC 270 victory

Francis Ngannou wants to pursue a fight with Tyson Fury despite defending his UFC heavyweight title against Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 – but not everyone thinks it's a good idea.

The 35-year-old, who moved to France from Cameroon in a bid to pursue his MMA dreams before working his way to the very top of UFC, has always had a desire to become a boxer.

Counting Mike Tyson as his idol, Ngannou has spoken about his desire to fight current boxing champ Fury in a crossover bout following his latest victory inside the octagon.

Despite a positive response from the WBC belt holder, social media users do not think it would be a good match-up for The Predator after seeing him in action vs Ciryl Gane.

One fan wrote: "That’s the guy you want to see box Tyson Fury? Hard pass."

With a second adding: "It will just be fun to have a boxer mop another ufc champ. The world can see boxing is just on another level."

A third continued: "Fury would toy with him in the first minute lol stamina wouldn’t hold up either. Stickin to mma is his best move."

And a fourth agreeing: "Fury would obliterate Francis bro! 287 lbs, nothing in the gas tank after round 2. Easy fight for fury."

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Ngannou was expected to try and use his unrivalled power to end the fight against his former sparring partner early – but looked out of energy after a tricky opening two rounds.

Following the difficult start, Ngannou opted to utilise takedowns to secure victories in the final three rounds, securing the first decision victory of his MMA career.

Although his ground skills have been hailed by fans, many believe that his failure to secure any notable blows while on his feet, and lack of energy in doing so, suggests he would struggle against Fury.

Ngannou had said earlier in the month when asked if he would either fight former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones or Fury following UFC 270: "If you give me the two options, I would choose fighting Tyson Fury.

"After fighting Stipe [Miocic], the Jon Jones fight was on the table, but it seems like nobody really cares about it, so I don't know.

"And also, we don't even know what is the position of Jon Jones right now. I'm not planning my life based on that. I will plan my life based on the facts."

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