Dana White shares Covid experience and tips from Joe Rogan on recovery

UFC president Dana White reveals he ‘tested positive for Covid with his whole family after Thanksgiving’ and Joe Rogan’s recovery methods left him feeling ‘like a million bucks’

  • Dana White detailed his Covid experience having caught the illness recently
  • UFC president revealed that his whole family contracted it after Thanksgiving 
  • He called long-time UFC commentator Joe Rogan for advice on treating it 
  • White said he regained his sense of smell and taste the following days

Dana White has detailed his Covid experience after catching the virus while celebrating Thanksgiving with his family. 

The UFC president held a party with his extended family in Maine and he revealed that almost all of the attendees contracted the virus. 

He told the Jim Rome Podcast: ‘We just went up to my place in Maine and for Thanksgiving it’s tradition we go up there, and somebody had it, and we get back, and we all tested positive for COVID.

Dana White is currently in isolation with Covid but says he recovered quickly 

‘Literally the whole family and my family up in Maine, too.’

‘We got back on Saturday. On Sunday, I cold plunge and steam every day,’ White, who says he is fully vaccinated, added.

‘So I get out of the cold plunge and steam, and I spray the eucalyptus and I was like, ‘What the hell?’ I couldn’t smell anything. So I opened the bottle and start sniffing the bottle of eucalyptus, and I couldn’t smell and I was like, ‘I know what this means.’ I literally got out of the steam and got on my phone and called Joe Rogan.

‘I get up, 9 o’clock Monday morning, and I get tested. He said get monoclonal antibodies in you as soon as possible, so I did. By noon, I had the monoclonal antibodies in me. Then he told me to do a NAD drip. I did that right after. 

‘The next day – so Sunday at 8 o’clock at night I have no taste or smell. I get up Tuesday getting ready to shave. Cleaning my razor, I could smell the alcohol. My taste and smell were back by the next day by 11 o’clock. Then I took a dose of ivermectin. Then yesterday I did a vitamin drip, and today I’m doing another NAD drip.

The UFC president revealed that he caught the virus when he was with his family 

‘Never felt better. I’m feeling like a million bucks. I’m doing two-a-day workouts for the next 10 days while I have COVID and I’m in quarantine. I got my smell and taste back in less than 24 hours.’

White is of course having to isolate as per the Covid protocols and insists he contacted his friend Rogan over a medical practitioner as the commentator and podcaster had been given information by ‘experts’. 

White went on: ‘You’re supposed to stay home and stay away from other people for 10 days.

‘That’s what I’m doing. But I’m attacking this thing with the methods that Rogan has learned form some very smart people. I’m going to keep testing every two days until I’m negative and then I’m going to get back to work ASAP.

White hopes to be back cageside this weekend if he passes all the protocols 

Joe Rogan offered his advice to White about how best he thought he could recover 

‘I hope (I can attend Saturday’s UFC on ESPN 31 event). If I test negative then I will absolutely, positively be there. 

‘I’m going to do the exact protocol that’s supposed to be done and make sure that I’m clean and can go around and be around people again.’

The UFC thrived during the peak of the pandemic by moving fights to Abu Dhabi and continuing to function while many other sporting organisations were forced to shut up shop. 

Most events are now taking place in the US but there is optimism that next year will see a return to Europe with London slated to host a card in March. 

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