Conor McGregor urged to avoid fourth Dustin Poirier fight for comeback bout

Conor McGregor has been warned against facing Dustin Poirier in a fourth meeting on his UFC return to avoid a third consecutive defeat.

The Irish star returned to light training as he stepped up his recovery from a broken leg injury suffered in a previous loss to Poirier at UFC 264 in July.

Several potential candidates have put themselves forward to face McGregor on his comeback fight including lightweight champion Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler.

UFC legend Chael Sonnen has admitted that a fourth tilt between McGregor and Poirier is not likely to be "enjoyable" and would expect the outcome to be similar.

"Let's just say that you supersede and Conor is coming back in August," Sonnen said on his YouTube channel. "No matter what he's coming back in August and he should fight by golly, fill in the blanks, most people say Poirier.

"Do you want to have a fight announced eight months before it happens? Is there anything that'd be enjoyable about that?

"Would you really want Dustin Poirier to get that nod to show you part four to a movie that you've already seen three other times or would you rather keep hope alive that there is still a revolving door there?

"As much as people are so quick to say 'Dustin', I would quickly counter you with 'What about Nate Diaz?' I mean Nate was always the ace up the sleeve of everybody.

"Dana would even talk about that and say 'it doesn't matter what the time is, it doesn't matter what where the tides are going, I can always make that fight. He's right."

McGregor has stated his desire to avenge his recent double defeat to Poirier having been stopped in both meetings this year.

A bitter rivalry has continued after the trilogy bout with McGregor seizing the opportunity to troll his rival after his own submission defeat to Oliveira.

Who would win if the pair met for a fourth time – Conor McGregor or Dustin Poirier? Let us know who you would back in the comments section below

Poirier has also responded with messages of his own to McGregor criticising his recent gain of weight which the Irishman has claimed is currently at 190lbs.

The Irish star has also hinted at a potential trilogy with former two-time rival Diaz at welterweight with a variety of options set to be presented next year.

Although McGregor is now eyeing a world-title shot against Oliveira who is ready to accept the challenge with the prospect of a lucrative payday.

With his recent decline a concern to many inside the sport, Colby Covington has warned McGregor that any fourth showdown against Poirier would be "pointless".

“It makes sense," Covington told Helen Yee about a McGregor title fight despite only winning once in the last five years. "Conor should go out there and fight for the title.

"There’s no reason for him to fight Dustin now, that fight is pointless, that fight is dead. Dustin isn’t a big draw or anything.

"McGregor can heal up and he can fight that. Dustin can re-evaluate and decide if he still wants to keep fighting, because you can already see the quit in him.

“Conor is a former champion, a two-division champion, he accomplished some great things in this sport and brought a lot of new eyes to this sport."

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