Boxer Hatton was ‘Ricky 2 Wardrobes’ when fighting and put on 5st between bouts

Ricky Hatton needed two wardrobes of clothes when he was a world champ – because he gained five stone between fights.

The former boxer, 44, said he duplicated his clothes in two different sizes.

His fighting weight was 10 stone but he ballooned to over 15 stone on a diet of booze and junk food between bouts.

He said: “I always had two wardrobes when I was fighting. Now I’m sticking with the one.

“I used to put weight on in between fights – I was famous for it. I always knew I’d eventually be back in training camp so it didn’t matter. I was 15st 4lb” In 2008 he wore a fat suit under his boxing robe during a ring entrance after being criticised over his weight gain between fights.

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Hatton, who won world titles in the 10 stone super light weight division and in the 10 stone 7lbs welterweight division, says he now tries to keep his weight down.

He lost four stone last year for an exhibition bout in Manchester with Mexican great Marco Antonio Barrera, and says he now only needs one wardrobe.

Speaking to former super middleweight world champion George Groves on the George Groves Boxing Club podcast he added: “Being that weight at five foot six wasn’t healthy for me. I was a 36 inch waist – frightening really.

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“So now I’ve got a 30-inch waist and one 32-inch wardrobe and the minute those 32-inchers get tight you can’t go out, you can’t order a takeaway, you can’t order pizza.

“You have to get to the gym and make sure they fit.”

Hatton has spoken in the past of his battles with booze, drugs and depression and says he hopes his transformation will help others.

He added: “I’ve been getting letters in the gym saying ‘you’ve inspired me to get my weight off, I never thought my weight would move again but I thought if you can do it, I can do it.’

“A few years ago I was heavily into drink, drugs, I was suicidal, my mental health wasn’t good.

“I nearly wasn’t here and people know that and to see me where I am now and keeping on top of things, I’ve enjoyed inspiring people, I guess.”


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