Wilson replacing Spalding as official basketball manufacturer for NBA

The NBA is switching basketball manufacturers.

Wilson, which made basketballs for the league from 1946-1983, will replace Spalding as the official basketball maker of the NBA starting with the 2021-22 season, the league and manufacturer announced in a press release Wednesday afternoon. 

The re-introduction of Wilson basketballs coincides with the the league’s 75th anniversary season.

Wilson will also take over production of basketballs for the WNBA, G League and Basketball Africa League.

“Our commitment to growing the game of basketball on the global stage is at the heart of Wilson and our new partnership with the NBA,” Wilson Basketball general manager Kevin Murphy said a news release.

“Our passion for this game and the league runs incredibly deep, as does our history with it. And as we start this new chapter in the game, our focus and energy will be on supporting the league and the players, coaches and fans with the most advanced, high-performance game basketballs possible.”

Wilson basketballs used during the 2019 NCAA tournament. (Photo: Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports)

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Wilson plans to use the same leather manufacturer to make the new basketballs, and the balls will have the same eight-panel configuration. The WNBA will continue to use a composite basketball.

The NBA and its players will work with Wilson to develop and approve the new basketball.

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