The Undertaker wows WWE fans after slamming AJ Styles during Elimination Chamber

The Undertaker shocked WWE fans in Philadephia tonight after making an appearance at the Elimination Chamber.

AJ Styles and Aleister Black were smashing chunks out of one another in a No Disqualification match.

It saw an array of weapons such as kendo sticks, tables and steel chairs used on one another.

Styles even dropped a piledriver on Black, a move made famous by The Undertaker.

And the Dutchman was looking down and out when Styles' OC associates Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows got involved.

The duo were brutalising Black as Styles watched on before the lights cut dead and the unmistakable noise of the gong rang out.

When the lights returned, The Undertaker was stood in the middle of the ring with Anderson and Gallows by the neck.

With the two of those disposed of, Styles attempted a cheap shot on the WWE legend from behind only for Taker to turn around, catch him by the throat and deliver a pulverising chokeslam.

Fans were sent into a frenzy, with one saying: "What a moment! Taker is a legend."

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"The Phenom!!! The Undertaker!!! I love this man! Dayyyyyyuuuuuuum," another posted on Twitter.

While this fan said: "The G.O.A.T @undertaker made his appearance."

And another wrote: "My favourite, all time great!!"

A fifth said: "You have no idea how much I scream when i see you. The death man never die."


Black went on to pick up the victory after Black Mass to Styles.

And that was not the only high-profile incident at this year's Elimination Chamber.

Otis was sent flying through the chamber – by himself – in the Tag Team championship.

In that match, The Miz and John Morrison prevailed to retain their SmackDown title while Daniel Bryan defeated Drew Guzak in the opening bout.

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