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The Latest News on the Nike Metcon 2

Nike Metcon 2The Metcon 1 took the world by storm and, because of this, the anticipation for the Nike Metcon 2 has been off the charts. With a Metcon 2’s launch this Saturday of January 23, 2016, now is the time to grab the upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

Nike has gone all out with this iteration, even producing a “Blue Monday” version of the shoe. Blue Monday is the name given to the most depressing day of the year, commonly designated as the third Monday in January. Most likely given the name because of it’s release date, the brilliant blue color will make sure to brighten anyone’s day while sporting them.

Where can you buy a pair of Nike MetCon 2? – Nike MetCon 2 sells from and retails for $119.95 – $199.99


The Nike Metcon 2 has a very similar look to the Metcon 1, but looks aren’t everything. They do look great, though. The larger cushion in the heel area is said to cause less slipping than the Metcon 1. The 2 also now comes included with a plastic bumper plate on the outside of the heel to make it easier to position your feet against the wall while performing a handstand and doing push-ups from that position.

This time they’ve added more anti-abrasion foam for increased durability, especially for exercises that are demanding on the shoe, such as climbing ropes. The insole has been upgraded to now be super quiet, as the Nike Metcon 1s were known to sometimes cause a “creaking” sound but that is now eliminated. Stability has also improved so you feel more secure to the ground with no sideways rocking. This will help tremendously with squats and weight lifting based workouts. Running is also much more comfortable, allowing you to run longer distances and not requiring you to keep an extra pair of shoes on hand for running WODs.

Professional Cross Training athlete Lauren Fisher takes us through her training routine and what she means by strength = beauty.

If you were a fan of the Nike Metcon 1 then the Metcon 2 is a no brainer. It looks as though every downside has been taken into consideration and improved. It’s basically the same but much, much better. The standard red color looks vibrant and the (mostly) all black “Blackout” is set to have a neon green heel plate for just a touch of contrast. Don’t like the available color options? With the Nike Metcon 2 ID you can customize the look with literally thousands of possible combinations available. Choose the colors you like, from the collar to the sole and everything in between. If you’re serious about CrossFitting, this is one shoe you definitely need to check out.