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Reebok Crossfit Speed TR Review

Reebok Crossfit Speed TR

Do you like to have some sturdy shoes for your high-impact exercises? Then, Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is quite recommendable for you. Focus on your shoes rather than on your clothes. CrossFit Speed TR can fulfill your purpose.

Wearing the right type of shoes is always essential for any outdoor activity, especially for high-intensity training like CrossFit. That’s why uniquely designed CrossFit shoes have gained more importance from the manufacturers.

Use of sturdy materials

The materials, which are applied for manufacturing CrossFit Speed TR, are extremely light. The grips of the shoes are perfect and it can help you in long running. In addition to it, you can find amazing tread on the base. These features are really good for those, who are going to practice their rope climbing.

Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is WOD-worthy shoe and as it is breathable in its nature, it can give considerable comfort to your feet. It does not matter even if you are wearing the shoes for a very long time for doing your exercise.

When you look into the design of Sprint TR, you can observe that there is a completely DuraCage structure, and every possible CrossFit design is incorporated in it. However, they do not appear extremely gaudy. In fact, for some evident reasons, the shoes appear mostly as some running shoes. From the viewpoint of design, it is also to be noted that there is low-cut model and thus, it allows for the maximum level of motion, which is always designed by any user. In other words, it will enable in the faster transitions.

There is also no need to be concerned about the impact due to heat and moisture because the shoe includes tongue lining. Besides, there are plates for repulsive propulsion and friction-resistant collars, which make the shoes more durable. Flat lace is also there along with forefoot cradle. It can give good level of medial and lateral support.

Quality of the sole of Reebok CrossFit Speed TR

The sole of CrossFit Speed TR is able to keep up enough level of stress, when you are jogging and thus, the muscles of your feet can get high relaxation. There is flared outsole along with metasplit grooves to offer secure weightlifting support.

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Colors of Reebok Speed TR

Each of the models of Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is made not merely with one color, but with the combination of multiple colors that include:

• Collegiate navy, solar green, bright Lime
• Opal, coal and steel color
• Collegiate navy, blue sport and black color
• Motor red, navy, dark royal and white
• Navy, black, marigold and blue sport
• Basil green, golden spark and black
• Riot red, black, steel and riot red


• Low-cut pattern
• Athletic Shoe
• RopePro carbon rubber
• Sweat and heat resistant collar


• Better quality laces than some other products of the same brand
• More cushion for comfort
• Much affordable
• KippingKlip TPU for no slide handstand push ups
• RopePro shank for rope resistance


• Less secure feeling for some exercises

In CrossFit, speed matters. Inspired and tested by Reebok CrossFit Games athlete James Hobart, the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is engineered specifically to meet your speed needs during any running-driven, bodyweight or lightweight workout.  – Reebok

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The Final Thought

CrossFit Speed TR, produced by reputed CrossFit brand Reebok is a great shoe for any type of WODs. You may choose them to taste the replacement of the ordinary shoes and to get the CrossFit Speed TR today.