How to Quickly Select Best Minimalist Crossfit Shoes

If you are searching for best CrossFit training shoes, you must have encountered various websites that try to sell you useless material just for their profit. Therefore, to help you find out the right CrossFit shoes for your feet, we have created a guide that you can read to help yourself.

Normal shoes are not built even for day-to-day exercises. As they aren’t, they are not best suited for you to wear while doing weightlifting or even the all other CrossFit routines. The shoes required for WOD exercises should be very light and flexible. They should not take your comfort but provide comfort while doing WODs.

So how to select the right minimalist CrossFit shoes?

To help you further, we have created some tips that will help you in easily selecting your minimalist CrossFit shoes. Make sure to read them completely before ordering anything.

• If you want to do exercises that require heavy weightlifting like for Olympic Games, you need shoes that contain straps. They’ll help you in pushing against the sides.
• A good CrossFit shoe must provide stability for lifting the weights. It’s quite important in exercises like squat, overhead press and dreadlift.
• You should also get traction from your shoes so that you don’t slip while doing a lift.
Choosing the right minimalist shoes cannot only improve your performance but can also give you a new confidence to do hard exercises. After understanding how to select your right shoe, it’s time to see some of them.

Our recommendations for minimalist CrossFit shoes

New Balance Men’s MR20 Minimus Running Shoe (See Reviews Here)

minimalist CrossFit shoesThe first shoe in this list, this new balance’s minimalist shoe has all the comparable features that shoes of big companies like Reebok have. It’s made from synthetic fiber and has a vibrant soul for better stability. Not only that, it is designed to aid your transition to midfoot and even forefoot strike. It’s quite lightweight, and you won’t be ever concerned about breathing of your foot. One more good feature in the shoe is the low heel-to-toe differential.

Merrell Men’s Bare Access 2 Minimal Running Shoe (Click Here For More Information)

Minimalist Crossfit ShoesIf you are looking for something that you can run easily with, then this can be a great choice. This shoe, like the previous ones completely breathable and can be washed easily. This men’s shoe can be bought from Amazon in ice Apollo color with a Vibram soles.

Men’s FILA Skele-Toes (Click Here For More Information)

Minimalist Crossfit ShoesIf you love to run on different kinds of terrains, this can be a great shoe for you. It’s quite comfortable and provides complete breathing space to your paws to help you better run in those terrains. Apart from being comfortable, it’s very light and flexible too – that’s what makes it desirable.

Merrell Women’s Barefoot Run Bare Access Arc 2 (See Reviews Here)

Minimalist Crossfit ShoesAnother show from Merrell in this list, this women’s CrossFit shoe provides great comfort for any exercises. You can wear it with comfortable clothing like sneakers et cetera. It’s quite lightweight and easy to ride which makes it the best-suited choice for women.

Vivobarefoot Women’s Breatho Trail Running Shoe (Click Here For More Information)

Minimalist Crossfit ShoesThis is another woman’s shoe in this list which provides comfort and ease of use to any CrossFit doing women. It is even better for those women who have developed muscles and can do large lifts. For doing large lifts, it provides great support and puncture-resistant soles. One more good quality that can be found in this shoe is that it absorbs all your moisture which could have resulted in discomfort and wetness. It’s available in two colors: light grey and DT blue. You should have a size of 10 to 10.5 B (M) to wear these shoes.

Fila Women’s Skele-Toes EZ Slide Drainage (See Reviews Here)

Minimalist Crossfit ShoesOne of the more CrossFit shoes for women listed in this list, the shoes have almost all qualities that the men’s shoes have. These are great shoes for women who have shorter foot size as they come in sizes like a small as 6 B (M). The choices of colors are two: Black and hot pink.

If you are doing weightlifting or any heavy exercises in your WOD, it is a great idea to purchase your minimalist CrossFit shoes. They provide great comfort and balance in these exercises. Follow the steps that we have provided above to choose the best minimalist CrossFit shoes for you.