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4 Reasons to Consider the WOD Shirt

wod shirtWith so much talk about finding the perfect CrossFit shoes it’s easy to forget about other pieces of equipment that are also very important. If you choose the wrong shirt it can have a negative effect on your workout. Regular t-shirts end up getting soaked which makes them heavy, sticky and saggy. Many dry workout shirts can be expensive and get slippery when moisture starts to build up. The WOD shirt was designed to change all this and promises to be the perfect workout shirt. From what we’ve seen, we tend to agree. Here are just a few reasons why:

Environmentally friendly – The WOD Shirt is made of 95% rayon, a natural material made from bamboo. Rayon requires much less water to manufacture than cotton, preserves soil as opposed to causing erosion like cotton does, and cotton requires carbon-producing machinery to replant while bamboo grows on it’s own, naturally.

Fits like a glove – The other 5% of the WOD Shirt is made from spandex to give it that little bit of stretch which is so important when moving your body at all different types of angles. The spandex also helps it grip to your body so it doesn’t get in the way but gently enough as to not be constrictive or ride up on you during intense workouts.

wod shirtLess stink – The WOD Shirt is designed to keep moisture out which means it also keeps away the smell. The bacteria in your sweat is what causes stink in the first place and the breathability of the shirt keeps you nice and dry. The shirt has been put through rigorous testing and the difference is unmistakeable. This alone makes it worth the purchase price.

Looks great – A good workout shirt not only needs to act the part, but look it as well. The front logo incorporates barbells and a kettlebell to represent the diversity of all the different types of workouts and uses a chain to represent the well roundedness of a CrossFit athlete. The shirts are available in black, grey and pink. If you run your own gym or fitness company, you also have the option of adding your own brand to the shirt. Having your brand on the best workout shirt available can be nothing but good for business.

The WOD Shirt has done what any others have tried and failed. Other breathable shirts hold moisture. Dry shirts get slippery. Many are great at one thing but sacrifice in another area. The WOD Shirt is the most complete workout shirt we’ve had the pleasure of testing and would recommend it to anyone who participates in any type of workout program.