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Nike Metcon 1 – Women’s Review

Nike Metcon 1It can undoubtedly be said that every woman likes to maintain her body shape. And doing cross training is the regular habit of many women. Cross training is, in fact, a way to freshen our mind. However, unlike the regular freehand workouts, the cross training needs some gear for gaining good results from the process. So take the look at the best gear- Nike Metcon 1 (short for “metabolic conditioning”) that is made for women with any kind of feet.

Put on the shoes of Metcon and you can surely find that they can handle any kind of movement with no trouble. It is exactly the best feature that is always expected from any useful CrossFit shoes. The forefoot of these shoes includes a high level of flexibility. In addition to it, it gives you some sort of spring for bouncing up onto your feet.

The Metcons is also a perfect choice for the rope climbing. The strong grip that you can observe on those rope climbs, are really wonderful. Besides, it is noticed that the shoes have been flaking apart just after a single rope climb; however, you can have safe feelings in other movements also.

Where can I buy a pair of Nike MetCon 1? – Nike MetCon 1 sells from and retails for $124.95 – $189.99
Nike Store – Usually limited colorways

The design of Nike Metcon 1

The foremost thing that you can notice, while opening the package of the shoe, is the awesome look of the product. All the parts- starting from the upper portion to its laces- look superb. The design of the overall shoes is really excellent. And it is obviously one of the features that you always desire in any practical fitness shoe. Flywire structure on its sides brings about some locked down match.

Those, who are the users of Reebok’s nanos and have not yet used Metcons, should know one fact. Nanos may be comfortable, durable and functional, but they never help you to create a unique fashion. With Metcons, you can show your fashion during your training session. If you put your feet into these shoes, you can find that these are not narrow in any way.

Material used on Nike Metcon 1 – Women’s

In the upper portion of the shoes, you can find that mesh or synthetic is used to make the product very light in weight and to give comfort to the users. For the outsole part, rubber material is applied for making the shoes sturdy as well as long wearing.

Nike Metcon 1Colors of the shoes

The shoes are available in different colors like

• White, black and hyper jade combination
• A blend of gray, black and hyper orange
• A combination of cool gray, black and volt

Sole of the shoe

The outsole of the product appears to be slightly taller. Thus, you may have the sense that you are a bit high from the ground level. However, this outsole is also outstanding as it has hexagon design. Possibly, it is useful for those, who climb rope with the use of sticky rubber.

Specifications of Metcon 1- Women’s

• Greater firmness in case of weightlifting
• Better flexibility or adaptability for climbs and sprints
• Comfort and breathability for distance jogging running
• Resilience for the everyday usage


• Side grip areas
• Flywire cable cover
• Perforated design for breathability


• Sole may strip off heel in some cases
• Not ideal in case of the longer runs
• Little pricey


Overall, you may really be pleased with Metcons. They are not only visually pleasing, but also comfortable or practical for all fitness requirements. Perhaps, you do not want to carry out your CrossFit without the shoes. For any cross-training or gym class, these are the perfect shoes.

Nike MetCon 1